"If you love it, you should have it."
– John Kraft

Kyle, it was great to connect live last night, and I'm excited to dive in on another creative collaboration with this Sunglasses Project. Below is a project overview that borrows heavily from your briefing document as well as from our conversation. Please feel free to reach out with any questions, and I look forward to getting started!

Once you review the following, you can execute the deposit here


Artist John Kraft will engage with Kyle Sugamele to create a custom 32 in. x 30 in. x 2 in. mixed media and resin on wood original artwork. 

General details are as follows:


  • Six pairs of sunglasses, each one scaled at 75% size of “Rose Colored Glasses” picture (approximately 12.225”w x 5.025”h)
  • Each pair of sunglasses will have unique coloring on the frame and uniquely tinted on the glass (e.g., rose, amber/honey, green, midnight blue, silver/mirrored, smokey gray, etc.)
  • Picture would be approximately 32”w x 30”h (JK: aspect ratio and overall dimensions to be confirmed but will maintain 32" width)

Background color

  • Current thinking is a very light shade of blue in the same colorway as Cerulean Blue, but much lighter to allow the sunglasses to stand out better (JK: A very light Cerulean Blue will be ideal for this project)

Sunglass styles

Note: For all the following sunglass, the silhouette will be maintained but there will not be a representation of the back/ends of the frames behind the lenses as shown in some of these reference photos.

  • Top left:  Same as in “Rose Colored Glasses” (generally the Wayfarer style), including coloring on frame and tint of glass

  • Middle left:  The classic Aviator style by Ray-Ban, with coloring on frame TBD and tint of glass TBD (JK: We discussed the idea of having thicker rim elements to allow for more interesting design and fill)

  • Bottom left:  Round in the Illestreva Frieda style, with coloring on frame TBD and tint of glass TBD (JK: Will maintain the tortoise approach but with colors that do not compete with those of the Rose Colored Glasses)

  • Top right: 1940s vintage Cat Eye style, with coloring on frame TBD and tint of glass TBD 

  • Middle right: The Browline Classic style by Ray-Ban, with coloring on frame TBD and tint of glass TBD

  • Bottom right:  Butterfly in the Gucci GG0083S style, with coloring on frames as shown below and tint of glass TBD (JK: We discussed maintaining this tri-color approach, but can play with the colors as well).


Based on the elements of this custom piece, the number of design variables, and the anticipated development process, I've estimated the total cost for artwork, including materials, to be $4950*. This total is inclusive of my traditional commission uplift.

*Packaging and Shipping - to be billed when shipped (at cost - no markup) - [ Unless of course you folks plan on another trip down South :) ] Given the unique importance of this piece, I'm tempted to recommend that approach if it fits in with other travel plans you may have.


50% deposit due upon engagement and prior to start of work - $2475
50% final payment due upon delivery of completed artwork - $2475*
*Any shipping and packaging charges to be added to final invoice (at cost)

Similar to last time, I have created a private project website to enable us to track all progress and to review the various color and concept testing along the way.

Total time estimated to complete the artwork from the time of deposit is approximately 10 weeks. 

Payment of the deposit via the link below is indication of agreement to the scope, pricing, timing and payment schedule as outlined above. 

Pay Deposit and Initiate Commission

Kyle, as I mentioned when we spoke, it all begins with gratitude. Thank you again for this opportunity to create something special and unique. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions. Thank you!