Mixed Media and Resin

Artist John Kraft

My Flower Power series celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love, which also happens to be the year of my birth. I design, print and hand-cut paper that I  combine with acrylics and resin to create bright and colorful floral compositions that evoke the spirit of that special time in San Francisco and the idea that love can change the world. All titles are drawn from popular songs released that same year. 

Digital Assemblage

Over 20 years ago I found what I consider to be my voice and my vocabulary as an artist. With a consistent palette and use of both strong color and line, this vocabulary has freed me to focus more on the story I wish to tell and less on the words I use in the telling of that story. The recurring figures represented in some of my work have made their own journey as well. In earlier work they were lonely or lost souls fighting against excess and inner conflict, but now they are exclusively celebratory, loving and joyful – a direct reflection of the happiness and joy I’ve found in my own life.

My process has evolved over the years from the use of acrylics and pastels on wood panel or canvas to what is now a true composite of both traditional and digital painting techniques. This includes the creation of key elements with acrylics and pastels, digitization of those elements, and finally refinement of composition, color and scale within the digital space. The seemingly simple and quickly resolving compositions serve as metaphors for the pure emotions they represent.