"If you love it, you should have it."
– John Kraft
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Whether you've attended one of my lectures, or have happened upon this page via Google or a friend's referral - welcome!

The Why of Social Media when it comes to art and artists is simply stated as follows:

As artists our desire is to express what we feel and what we imagine. And for most of us that expression includes a desire that our work is seen and experienced by others. The understanding and use of Social Media is way to amplify that expression and to reach more people. 

Through the use of social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others you can share your art, and your story, with more people; faster.  Some artists are reluctant to "promote or market" themselves. The terms self-promotion and marketing can indeed have a negative connotation.  One thinks of the shameless self-promoters or the car dealer or the "sell-out".  But what I invite you as an artist to consider is your original Why.  The reason behind all of your efforts with regard to social media and other forms of "marketing" should first and foremost be your desire to express and share your work - independent of the potential sale of your work.  If you hold true to this, you can certainly hold your head high and be proud of both your art and the way in which you work to share it with others.  And of course, there is also nothing wrong with selling your work to those that become aware of you via these efforts - but for me that is always the icing on the cake.

So, hopefully I've convinced you that Social Media can be a good thing and help fulfill your desire to share your art. Now let's briefly review some of the social platforms available and what distinguishes them from one another.  View Social Media - The What.