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I wanted to pull together a collection of resources specific to this year's Marin Open Studios along with some general tips and recommendations, which I will have also shared during the live workshop at Book Passage (video available above). I also invite you to follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Quick links

Marin Opens Studios Website Artist's Page

MOS website Tips for Making the Most of Open Studios 

MOS Important Dates

Social Media Quick Tips


  • If you have an established Facebook Business Page, make use of both this and your Profile page to spread the word about your participation in Marin Open Studios. If you currently don't have a Business page, you will be better off focusing on use of your Profile page rather than starting a new Business page. 
  • If you are showing out of your studio/home and not associated with a group of artists, consider creating a dedicated Facebook Event and use the event page for communications around your Open Studio. If however, you are part of a group studio, you are better served to coordinate use of a single event page with other artists. 
  • Make full use of the Facebook Events set up by Marin Open Studios and any other Group Studio in which the artist is participating. 

Other Social Media Platforms

  • Instagram: Primarily for sharing visual content and can yield better organic (free) reach within your set of followers than Facebook posts. Instagram is also very "Hashtag Friendly". Be sure to include the hashtag #MOS2017 in all your posts.
  • Twitter: MOS actively uses Twitter during Marin Open Studios and use of the hashtag #MOS2017 and ArtSpan handle can increase visibility and reach of your Tweets and by connection awareness of and traffic to your Open Studios event. 
  • LinkedIn: Often overlooked, but LinkedIn has become more and more powerful as a means of reaching additional connections to drive awareness of your participation in Marin Open Studios. 

Suggested text for MOS Social Media posts


I am proud to announce that I am participating in this year's @marinopenstudios. Please visit my studio at (address) on May __ and __, 11am-6pm! Please visit (enter your website or MOS public profile page) for more details! #MOS2017 #marinopenstudios

(Good to at least include the #MOS2017 hashtag)

*Note to artist: make sure to keep your MOS profile updated! We promote your profile pages, so they need to be updated with your current work.


Proud to share that I'm participating in this year's @marinopenstudios. Visit my studio at (address) on May __ and __, 11am-6pm. (link) #MOS2017 #marin #art #news #artist #contemporaryart #abstractart #watercolor #marinopenstudios #artistlife #mixedmedia

(Add any number of related hashtags to your Instagram posts.)


Proud to share that I'm participating in this year's @marinopenstudio. Visit my studio at (address) on May __ and __, 11am-6pm. (link) #MOS2017 #marin #art #news

Please scroll down for more in-depth details about promoting via social media.