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– John Kraft

John Kraft and Crooked Street Winery

I'm thrilled to again be featured on one of the great wines from Crooked Street Winery. This is for the release of their 2012 Malbec.  

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Here is the full text from the back label:

Crooked Street 2012 Malbec

A popular theory suggests that malbec grapes were originally planted throughout France by an adventurous Hungarian peasant. Given the Hungarian blood running through my veins, I am proud to present the 2013 Crooked Street Malbec, produced locally in the Napa Valley by the Hendry Ranch. Although most malbec finds its way into red wine blends, this bottle was produced from the single varietal alone, with nothing to distract you from appreciating what this famous grape has to offer. I hope you enjoy its dark violet color, light-bodied mouth feel, and soft tannin finish. So, as the Hungarians say when they raise their glasses... Egészségére!

Vinted and bottled by Rob Toth and friends Crooked Street WinerySan Francisco, CAcrookedstreetwinery.comfacebook.com/crookedstreet 415-999-0721Artwork by John Kraftwww.johnkraft.com13.8% vol • 750 ml • Contains Sulfites


July 29, 2015 by John Kraft
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