"If you love it, you should have it."
– John Kraft

August 2014 - Happy Collectors = Happy Artist

There are few things that give me more pleasure than the opportunity to connect with people interested in my work. I love having conversations about my process and the story behind each piece. And better still is when people decide to make my art a part of their homes and their lives. So in this issue, I want to celebrate those that have collected my work and say, "Thank you".

This wonderful couple visited the gallery just last weekend. I was fortunate to be on site and we had a great time discussing the meaning behind Soulmates and my process of creating elements of the composition with acrylics, digitizing those elements, and then completing the piece in the digital space resulting in this limited edition on canvas. Lucky for me, they were taken with the piece and decided to purchase it on the spot.  And since they live in the bay area, I was able to deliver to their home the following day and even help hang the piece in their living room.  A wonderful experience all around.  As a small thank you, I was also happy to present their son with a signed copy of The Little Lost Boat.


One of the benefits of my process is the flexibility it gives me in creating new work. I first met this couple during SF Open Studios. They are both divers and liked one of the pieces I was showing, Forever Blowing Bubbles. But they mused about the idea of having two characters under the bay rather than just one. I told them there was a solution! The result, shown here, is a custom piece called Double Bubbles Forever that now hangs in their bedroom.


Collector with newly purchased Napa Valley Crush on canvas

Always fun when I meet people that are actively searching for "that perfect piece" to complete a collection or grouping in their home. And of course nice connecting with people that share my affinity for art AND wine. :)


New collectors with Lombard Street

It was particularly fun to deliver this piece as part of a surprise. The collectors review from my website does the story far more justice than I ever could:

"I had my eye on this piece years ago when we lived on Lombard Street. Fast forward to our 6th wedding anniversary, my husband surprised me with John Kraft personally handing me a signed canvas in our home! To make it even more special, our baby is enamored by the painting, and it can soothe her at even her fussiest of times." 


I like to think that my art is not just for the home, but really anywhere people spend a lot of their time.  And of course for most, that means the office. Hoping that having Dawn Patrol nearby helps this collector initiate many day dreams of sun and surf.


Winning Bidder & Collector with San Francisco Sister

The happy cliche of win/win really comes in to play when people collect my work through benefit art auctions. It's great to not only share my work but support a great cause at the same time.


It was an honor to deliver this signed limited edition of Sausalito II to Chef James Montejano, currently Executive Chef of La Valencia Hotel in San Diego.


SF based collector with Escape to Alcatraz 


Long time collector with Dawn Patrol, Emerging Artist and Coit Tower

Some fine people have collected numerous pieces over the years, and it's always fun to "visit my art" when delivering a new piece. It may be no surprise that many of my collectors have also become great friends.




August 03, 2014 by John Kraft
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