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This unlisted page will serve as our project site for the duration of the commission. Here you will always be able to check on the status of the project and review the latest photos and videos. New entries will always be at the top of the page.


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Project Update Posted (details below)
Project Update Posted (details below)
Project Update Posted (details below)
Project Update Posted (details below)
Project Update Posted (details below)
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10-14-20 Initial Deposit Received - Project Commencement 
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Happy to share that I've received confirmation from my carpenter that the custom panels have been completed, and I will be collecting them from his studio early tomorrow. Will plan on sharing another update later tomorrow to give you a view of the custom panels and the first steps of preparing the panels with a clear gesso, which both protects and strengthens the wood. Happy Friday!


Video below shows some early color testing while I await delivery of the custom baltic birch panels. From right to left are reference colors for Daydream Believer, Lucy in the Sky and When the Sun Hits - more details in my video voiceover. 



A brief update that my carpenter has confirmed a delivery date of Saturday, October 31 for the three customer panels. In the interim I will be creating/cutting the custom flower patterns to ensure we can hit the ground running once the panels are here at the studio. During the upcoming week, in advance of receiving the panels, we can also begin some of the color testing/confirmations. Photo below shows the small birch panel blocks I use for testing color applications.


Today I spoke with the carpenter that creates my custom wood panels. We discussed the specifications for the wood panels and he suggested that, if possible, we go with an overall depth of 1.75 in. This will allow for increased rigidity of the panels. Kyle and I had an email exchange and confirmed that a 1.75 in. depth would satisfy the requirement that the artwork sits fully within the shallowest of the three art niches (flush with the wall). So I can confirm here that the formal order for the custom wood panels has been placed with the following specifications:

Three (3) custom baltic birch panels (52 in. x 28 in. x 1.75 in.) with added rear bracing to further strengthen the panels. 


Three custom 52 in. x 28 in. x 1.75 in. mixed media and resin on wood original artworks.

General characteristics of each piece are as follows*
*The following integrates added notes and client feedback received on 10-14-20.

I. "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds"

a. Based on John Kraft's original artwork, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
b. No changes to original work colors or design, other than:
+ Design to accommodate custom size and aspect ratio
+ Advance color test and confirmation of background via video preview
+ Custom deep border coloring TBD but tentatively planning bright lime background with bright purple dashes/dots 
c. Wired and ready to hang
d. Wood grain will not be visible

II. "Daydream Believer"

a. Based on John Kraft's original artwork, Daydream Believer
b. No changes to original work colors or design other than:
+ Design to accommodate custom size and aspect ratio
+ Advance color tests and confirmation via video preview
+ Custom deep border coloring per further discovery/discussion, alternatively at the discretion of the client, finished with the natural wood sides of the custom birch wood panels, coated with clear sealant (vs. color border)
c. Wired and ready to hang
d. Wood grain will not be visible
e. Blades of grass will match multi colored blades as shown in All You Need is Love and All Tomorrow's Parties.

III. "Mix and Match"

a. Based on John Kraft's original artwork, Good Day Sunshine
b. Detailed flower design guidance from client: (reference Daydream Believer) - purple being the “tulip” shape, the yellow/orange sunflower being the largest round shape, the orange, yellow and maroon being the small round shapes, and the orange and maroon for the leaf colors.
c. Detailed background guidance from client: (reference Top - When the Sun Hits and Bottom - Daydream Believer) 
d. Vase shape/color based on Already Home
e. Floor/base - wavy line per work shown on commissions page on this website
Other considerations:
+ Design to accommodate custom size and aspect ratio
+ Custom deep border coloring TBD (complimentary but not the same as main background colors)

+ Wired and ready to hang


Entry Foyer Art Niche

End of Hall

"Whimsy" Room Wall