"If you love it, you should have it."
– John Kraft

Last updated August 12, 2023.


Kyle! As we did before, this unlisted page will serve as our project site for the duration of the commission. Here you will always be able to check on the status of the project and review the latest photos and videos. New entries will always be at the top of the page.


Original SOW Page, Pricing and Timeline


All elements applied. Composition elements complete.
Leaf application update
Varnish progress update (trunk and leaves)
Grass/Ground cover completed on panel
Assemblage of tree and leaves underway
06-24-23 Large format prints received. Screen printing of text completed.
Green ground color test, refreshed trunk/ground reference
Large format print for "deconstruction" ordered
Final leaf text composite with falling leaf
Pre-burn screens arrival and grass color test panel
Panel painting video + Pre-burned screen digital proofs
05-02-23 Panel color test posted
Video update posted
Digital Composite 10 posted, Custom Panel Complete
Digital Composite 9 posted
04-21-23 Digital Composite 8 posted
Digital Composite 7 posted
Digital Composite 6 posted
Digital Composite 5 posted
04-13-23 Digital Composite 4 and new background color reference video added (Moonshadow)
04-12-23 Background color reference video added (Fleurescent)
Digital Composites 2 and 3 posted
04-11-23 Digital Composites 1 posted
Poem updated (4th stanza - "gather" to "get") and new font test (all Papyrus) added
Project Site launched + Preview Fonts
 Custom Baltic Birch Panel ordered from woodworker
04-08-23 Initial Deposit Received - Project Commencement 
04-05-23 Live Discovery Discussion via Zoom (Kyle/John)
04-04-23 Initial Input Document and Received from Client 


08-12-23 Update

Very happy to share here on the project site that your artwork is now complete! :) Below is a video showing the entire resin pour (but compressed down to only 6 minutes). 


07-22-23 Update

07-19-23 Update

07-18-23 Update

07-04-23 Update

07-01-23 Update

06-24-23 Update

06-11-23 Update

Updated composite with arced green ground

06-04-23 Update

Kyle, in this update I wanted to share the composite of a large format  print I'm having created. I've realized the best method for staying true to the design, scale, and composition is to have the leaves and trunk printed offsite in its entirety, and then I will essentially cut all the elements out (except for the text which will be screened onto the panel). I've added guides to this design that will also help me ensure the text is screened on in the right location relative to the rest of the piece. Thank you!

06-01-23 Update

Kyle, in addition to the recent video update from 5/31 I've included two new screenshots that show a full size composite I'll be having printed at 36 x 36. I've completely recreated the fill text and hand refined the edges of all leaves and the trunk. As I do not have a printer of this size at home, I'll be having this printed at full size and then cutting out the elements from the archival print. This will ensure I maintain the relative scale of the trunk and leaves. Any slight (squareness) or edges you see in the shapes of the leaves will be addressed when I actually cut out the pattern as I've intentionally increased the size of each leaf ever so slightly to give me some play when use the scissors. You'll also note there is no grass in this composite, nor will I be using the text in this print (except for dialing in placement of the screened text. One thing that had only occurred to me recently was that given the combination of the paper trunk and the painted grass, it will likely not be possible to have the grass sit in front of or over the base of the trunk as had been shown in past composites, but rather springing from the bottom and sides with the trunk fully visible all the way down. So many elements of this piece are new territory, but I'm still confident we'll arrive at a great result. I appreciate your patience as I navigate these various technical elements. Thank you.

05-31-23 Update

05-17-23 Update

Kyle, below is a quick video showing the application of the first coat of Cerulean Blue on the 36 x 36 panel. I'll be adding another coat to ensure even coverage. Below the video are the proofs for the pre-burn screens.

Screen print pre-burn screen digital proofs


05-02-23 Update

Video (original shot on 5/2, posted on 5/6)

Panel color test 

05-01-23 Update

04-30-23 Update

Digital Composite 10

Revised the color of the trunk with the lightest of the browns you shared - I think it looks great in the composite. 

Custom Baltic Birch Panel Completed

My woodworker recently completed the custom Baltic birch panel (shown below), which I will begin priming so that we're ready to go once we've locked on background color and the other elements.

Next steps

Will begin printing out samples of all archival paper elements and creating test background color panel for review.

04-25-23 Update

Digital Composite 9

Leveraged the Tulip pattern and the brown hue you identified to create the following updated composite. I've filled the black outlines with a dark version of the brown vs. a solid black to reduce contrast. I like it, but welcome your feedback... Also update the falling leaf back to fire engine red and updated the line in the poem per your input.

04-21-23 Update

Digital Composite 8

Kyle, based on our recent review discussion, I've created a new composite that integrates a new trunk pattern and color, updated leaf colors per our discussion, and adjusted text size (at this point just within the falling leaf) to show what size font will be needed within the leaves to ensure the "Thanks in my heart" phrase is properly captured. The color of the falling leaf has also been updated with a color fill of the cadmium red. As it relates to the trunk color, and as part of your feedback, feel free to send me jpegs of any swatches or images or colors on the web that align with what you might have in mind -- I can then also experiment with doing a color fill of those colors in the trunk... Welcome your feedback!

04-17-23 Update

Digital Composite 7

Now that we have dialed in the placement and scale of tree/poem/grass, I wanted to create this update to start confirming other important "conceptual" elements of the composition. The text placement is not intended to be final or precisely what will be in the leaves, it's more to give you an overall sense of direction. I'd actually suggest we chat live Wednesday evening if that works for you as it might be the easiest way for you to provide a range of feedback - - but absolutely whatever works best for you is fine. I'm really excited about how this is all going to look now that we are bringing more color to the party. :)


Digital Composite 6

Further smoothing of right side of tree trunk. 

04-13-23 Update (Part III)

Digital Composite 5

Based on feedback, lowered the text, began smoothing the trunk, and added background color closer to the value of Moonshadow.

04-13-23 Update (Part II)

Digital Composite 4

04-13-23 Update (Part I)

04-12-23 Update (Part II)

04-12-23 Update (Part I)

Digital Composite 3

In the following, I've changed to proportions of the piece from 36" x 36" to 36" x 30" to better accommodate the aspect ratio of the original tree and tree trunk. A loose representation of the grass element is also added for reference and spacing relative to the poem. 

Digital Composite 2

Similar to Composite 1 but with left justified text for first three stanzas.

04-11-23 Update (Part II)

The following full scale composite has been developed to start identifying the right scale and placement of the poem relative to the tree. It's worth noting that some adjustment to the tree itself has been necessary to create the right space and proportion relative to the text. Also of note is the text on the left of the tree is right justified in order to create some loose symmetry across to the other three stanzas.

Digital Composite 1

04-11-23 Update (Part I)

Below is a rendition of the updated poem using Papyrus as the font. I will be developing new tests of fonts within the leaves as well so we can evaluate the best approach.

04-10-23 Update

I've created a representation of the poem with different fonts for each line. The goal is to identify and confirm the font to be used both for the primary stanzas of the poem as well as the font to be used within the leaves. 

Entirely in Avenir Next - Demi Bold


Artist John Kraft will engage with Kyle Sugamele to create a custom 36 in. x 36 in. x 1.5 in. mixed media and resin on wood original artwork. General details are as follows:

  1. Basic Idea and Style: A custom piece in the traditional JK mixed media and resin style. The composition centers on a tree with leaves in the style of Something Wilde. The piece will incorporate a poem written by Kyle's grandmother. Current thinking is that the first three stanzas will be on the left side of a tree trunk and the final three on the right side. Similar to Something Wild, the text of the poem will also be incorporated on the leaves of the tree.

  2. Background Color: Current thinking is a bright electric blue. Actual color options will be tested and agreed upon for the finished piece.

  3. Poem: For the poem itself, we will use white lettering on the bright electric blue background. Font and color options will be explored and confirmed before application. 
  4. Leaves: White lettering on colored background of the leaves, similar to Something Wilde. The background color of the leaves will be a random mix of autumn colors, like the orange, mustard yellow, and dark red in Something Wilde, plus an eggplant purple and a medium olive green. All color selections and variations will be explored and tested as part of the development process. Current thinking is that the one falling leaf will be a bright red. (This will also be tested and confirmed).

  5. Tree: The shape will match the tree in the originally provided reference image (as shown at the top of this page). Initial thoughts for coloring include the brown color with black design in the top left and top right vines of Comfortably Numb. The approach and look will be tested and confirmed as part of the development process. 

  6. Grass: At the base of the tree will be closely spaced, short spiky, grasses similar to the grasses in A Day In the Life or Watermelon Sugar (but a bit shorter). Colors will include a mixture of light, medium, and dark green (maybe with purple mixed in). The approach for the grass will be explored and confirmed prior to application on the main panel.


As I live my life

I am thankful

For the opportunity

To enjoy a wide range of experiences

To pass the days.


As I live my life

I am thankful

For health and strength to live each day

To move about myself

Without the help of others.


As I live my life

I am thankful

To be able to do for others

Whatever the need be

To brighten someone’s life

Less fortunate than me.


As I live my life

I am thankful

For a close-knit family

I love and cherish

As we get together

All throughout the year.


As I live my life

I am thankful

For friends who gather near

To enrich my spirit

By their sharing, happiness creates.


As I live my life

Let it be with praise

And when my earthly journey ends

Let it be well, with

“Thanks in my heart”.