"If you love it, you should have it."
– John Kraft


I've created this page to organize my response, and wanted to provided retail pricing based on the size and production options you mentioned. The standard 50/50 is perfect. Of the options below I look forward to hearing your preference and also welcome feedback on overall pricing given the context of this client - the size of the order - etc. Given the 50/50, if there is a better/higher sweet-spot for us on overall retail given the clients budget just say the word. These will be custom formats/sizes so I have upward flexibility in how we price them.

Unstretched Canvas (Retail)
36 x 45 = $950 ea.
30 x 40 = $850 ea.
20 x 20 = $650

On Metal (Retail)
36 x 45 = $1350 ea.
30 x 40 = $1350 ea.
20 x 20 = $1050

Licensed Images Only (Retail License Fee - Rights Managed, Single Use at Size)
36 x 45 = $750 ea.
30 x 40 = $650 ea.
20 x 20 = $450 

Images to be presented. I've reformatted Butterfly Effect to a square.

Ice Cream Dream

Pyramid Scheme

Let Them Eat Cake

Donut Hole

Viva Venti

Tiki Tonight

Apres Ski

Bottle Rocket

Bouquet de Burgundy

Butterfly Effect