"If you love it, you should have it."
– John Kraft


"This painting makes me happy!"
Collector - Montreal, Quebec

I hold a very special place in my heart for San Francisco. Over the years, I have made many memories and friendships there. We are honored to have his limited edition "Escape to Alcatraz" in our home. This painting makes me happy and takes me back to wonderful times. Thank you! 


"My Happy Piece"
Kathleen - Chico, United States

I recently purchased this fabulous piece of art. I call it my "happy piece" because that's how I feel every time I look at it. The colors are vibrant and rich with whimsical images that truly capture the spirit of the Park. Thank you John.


"Embodies Power and Grace"
Shannon - San Francisco, United States

This piece really captures the spirit and excitement of the race while maintaining a relaxed elegance. 

I've purchased the framed print for several friends from the east coast who have either visited the bay area or simply love the water. It's quite stunning!



"This is Home"
Sylvia - Sacramento, United States

When I first saw this piece I had been living away from San Francisco for 10 years and I was very homesick and it struck a chord with me. With this piece I saw a celebration of all I missed and loved and it soothed me and I love and cherish it. John Kraft has a way of capturing his own spirit of San Francisco here that is dynamic and magical.


"I Love My SF Sister!"
Dorothy - Mill Valley, United States

One of the reasons I bought San Francisco Sister is because it made me feel so good. I love the whimsy and imagination of the little guys floating to the ground with umbrellas, around a place as packed with fantasy as the Eiffel Tower! Aren't we all finding our way to feeling grounded, at a variety of rates? So often we feel ourselves floating in the universe. Hopefully, my clients who see this in my psychotherapy waiting room will feel that they have one of these little umbrellas, and that they are being gently eased back to earth. 

One of the other reasons I fell in love with this piece is that I had the good fortune to encounter the art and the artist at the same time. And John is a sweetheart! So I'm even happier to have a bit of John in my office. And to have had his personal care. He came to my office and helped me to make sure it was placed in exactly the way that makes me happiest. He seems like a joyful guy, using his art to put more joy out to the world. It's a gift to have met him.


Great art work!
Frank - Sydney, Australia

Love John's artwork! Still glad a friend in SF taking me to the gallery a few years ago and showing me John's work. Great eye for detail and a continuous theme in the back drop. Not a single person coming to my place not commenting on any of them. Always have received his artwork carefully wrapped and without a fault back in Australia.

A Great Reminder During Rough Times

Greg - Houston, United States
I discovered John’s work on Facebook several years ago. I shared various pieces on my FB page, frequently, because they made me smile. During some challenging times, I frequently posted “Here Comes The Sun” because it genuinely gave me hope that a new day was just around the corner. My sister noticed the frequency with which I posted the wonderful piece and secretly contacted John & she gave me a print for Christmas! It's one of the most special gifts I've ever gotten. Now, it makes me smile when I wake up, come home for lunch and end my day. It’s just one of those special pieces, by a gifted and fun artist, that makes a house or an apartment home.



Pure Joy!

Maureen - San Francisco

I am a native San Franciscan who is lucky enough to still live in this beautiful City. It is not hard to see why John's art work easily caught my eye. The bright colors, the Ocean Beach landmarks and whimsical blue figures bring a smile to my face. Ocean Beach is a pure joy. John was kind enough to deliver and hang Ocean Beach which gave me the opportunity to learn about John and his process. John's passion for his work is obvious and he has a genuine interest in your story - your connection to his art. Everyone's story is different, but quite simply for me -Ocean Beach is Home!




Unique and Fun!

Ray - San Francisco, United States
Dawn Patrol is a fantastic piece because it is vibrant, eye-catching, unique, and fun! The message of this painting can really take you away from your day and put you right on the beach thinking about catching a great wave. It emits such positive energy. John was such a pleasure to meet with and to see the pride he has in his work.




Enjoyed by all ages!

Matt & Andi - Mill Valley, United States
I had my eye on this piece years ago when we lived on Lombard Street. Fast forward to our 6th wedding anniversary, my husband surprised me with John Kraft personally handing me a signed canvas in our home! To make it even more special, our baby is enamored by the painting, and it can soothe her at even her fussiest of times. 

We still admire this cheery piece of art every day.



Aquatic life meets corporate life in SF

Michelle - Marin, United States
Dolphin Detour was a surprise gift from a dear friend who obviously knows me well. John's use of colors and technique brings his dolphin to life as they frolic in the Bay under the watchful eye of the Transamerica Pyramid. Beautiful piece that will be proudly displayed in my house for years to come and undoubtedly spark many conversations. Bravo, John!!!



The Shoe Definitely Fit!

Kiersten - Modesto
For a quite a few years now I've been a huge fan of John's work, it's simply the best make you feel good Art EVER! When he came out with "If The Shoe Fits" I was sold! I am a huge fan of San Francisco and shoes! Needless to say The Shoe Definitely Fit! Over the moon excited about this piece! Thank You again John! -Kiersten

Great Art and Awesome Customer Service!

Morgane - San Francisco

I bought "If the Shoe Fits" for my parents who live in Brussels. 1) They absolutely love the piece! (They have shoe stores and have quite a few shoe-related pieces of art around). My mom said: "J'adore." No need to translate. Everyone gets that. 2) John is so nice and customer service is great. The piece got to Belgium within 10 days of me buying it and is intact. Amazing! Thanks again for everything, John!



The Focal Point of my Living Room

Jerry - San Francisco, United States
John is both an amazing Artist and a wonderful person to deal with. I bought this piece on canvas 58x44 and everyone who comes to my home comments on it, and they all love it! It's the focal point of my living room.

So far I have 4 pieces from John Kraft, and I'm not done yet. I recommend anyone looking to beautify their home or office to browse through John's work!! They make great gifts too ;)




A Great Work of Art

Bob - Portland, United States
I purchased a limited addition Bouquet de Burgundy that hangs beautifully framed in my office. It is impressive and makes me happy. Being in the wine business I have numerous California winery reps and winemakers who compliment and enjoy and are happy to know that the artist is practically in their backyard! Thank you John. A great work of art.




Looks Great in the Dining Room

Lisa - Liverpool, United Kingdom
My new delivery of harvest moon looks great in the dining room, opposite "Wine and Song". Delivery from SF to Liverpool in the UK was quick , and packaging good. 




Great Art and Super Service

Ciaran- Neuchatel, Switzerland
Ordered the leaning tower of pinot from John and am absolutely delighted with the piece that we received. It is a wonderful vibrant piece that lights up the wall and the room in general. Being overseas was not an issue. The ordering process was seamless and the piece arrived days later, safely packaged to Switzerland with no issues. A great service to match a great piece of Art. Kudos to John and his team on this. Strongly recommended.




Perfectly 'Organic'

Rosi - Miami, United States
A few years ago, when I first saw 'Organic' I fell in love with it immediately and knew I HAD to get it; I must add it is even more stunning in person. The artist, John Kraft, is an incredible talented, kind and polite professional, offering excellent customer service, packing, and shipping. We are so happy with this artwork; it has such rich color, texture, and movement and it's a piece that everyone must stop, appreciate and comment on when they come to our home. We got the large version and framed it on a nice thick wood frame. ‘Organic’ is one of those pieces that just commands attention and we are very proud displaying this beautiful piece in our home. Thank you John!




Français and Fun!

Gloria - Manhattan, New York
I'm privileged to be the owner of this amazing piece created by John Kraft. 

I was first attracted to john's work by reading about him as apple's artist of the year. I found his work fun, whimsical, and reminiscent of Keith haring. 

We discussed my interests - skiing and champagne. I mean who doesn't love the two aforementioned, and he created this piece which is inspired by the giant window overlooking alta at goldminer's daughter. 

I am lucky to have another limited edition - Coit Tower (was my first purchase). While one may be hesitant to buy art on the internet, John's art will not disappoint you! And maybe you'll be clamoring like me to own an original created by John. 




I Wish I Had More Walls

Jerry - San Francisco, United States
My fourth piece (and not the final one yet). John Kraft is an amazing artist and a great person to work with. I wish I had more walls, they would surely be filled up :)




The Centerpiece in my Home

Travis - San Francisco, United States
I came across John's work in a gallery in San Francisco and knew right away that I had found my favorite artist. Within a couple of weeks I was the proud collector of Escape to Alcatraz, framed on canvas. It is the centerpiece in my living room and has garnered so many enthusiastic comments from family and friends. I get lost in the details and the whimsy of the art piece all of the time.

John took the time to get to know me and my interests and even personally delivered the finished piece to my home. I hope to be adding more to my collection soon but in the meantime I couldn't be happier with my selection of Escape to Alcatraz!




Let's Eat, Drink and Be Merry

Sherie - Lake City, United States
I had looked for a long time for a picture to hang at the entrance to my kitchen from the hallway. Nothing seemed quite right. Something was too "kitcheny" or too cute or too bland. I wanted something that would draw you into the space, make you feel there was something wonderful going on in that room that you couldn't wait to be a part of; what was that fabulous smell, what was that clatter -- maybe pots and pans and a chef creating, and so much laughter. I can't wait to go in a lift up the lid on the pot and take a peek at what's for dinner, and I must join that party. That's the feeling I wanted for that simple wall space. I wanted it to tell a story and entice the viewer. Then by happenstance I landed on John Kraft's art site and found the absolutely perfect painting to do just that. The Feast has traveled with me across the country. For one day I picked up and moved across the country and am in the process of designing a new kitchen in a new place. The Feast is waiting to be hung to invite new visitors into the adventure of our new kitchen. John Kraft's work leaps off the page and tells a story. I have several pieces of his art, but The Feast is my first. But certainly not my last.



Love This Piece!

Brenda - Tucson, United States
I purchased 'Air Guitar' because its theme held special meaning for me. It's a whimsical piece that, quite simply, just makes me happy when I look at it! I have collected art for decades and I dabble in painting myself, so there's no surplus of wall space in my home. Without question 'Air Guitar' is one of the most commented on and asked about pieces I own-- it's definitely a stand out!



Perfect House Gift

Laurie - Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania
A friend of mine hosted me for a few weeks when I was working out of town, and I thought this would be the perfect gift since she is a wine enthusiast. It was a huge hit! I love all of your work (including the famous painted piano!) and the various price points which make it affordable for me to give as gifts. Thanks for bringing your art into our lives!




Love it!

Laurie - San Jose, United States
I have this print in my kitchen, and it just makes me happy to look at :) Happy... and hungry! Love it! 




Rêve de crème glacée

Sophie - Montreal, Quebec
Cette oeuvre de John me fait sourire.
Elle fait rêver, toujours plus grand, plus haut, plus loin!