"If you love it, you should have it."
– John Kraft

Don! In advance of getting together for lunch later this coming week, I wanted to pull together a project overview for your abstract commission. This is the approach I take for all my larger direct commissions. 


Artist John Kraft will engage with Don Strimbu to create a custom 36 in. x 48 in. x 2 in. mixed media and resin on wood original artwork. The piece will be a larger version of the 8 in. x 10 in. abstract reference piece, "Four Star Daydream", shown at the top of this page for reference. Given the nature of abstract art, it will not be a precise copy but will in large-part look like a larger version of this piece – with similar palette, color blocking, accents, stars, and of course - the text "Four Star Daydream" incorporated into the composition.


Typical pricing on a commission of this type and size would be $4830, which includes a 15% uplift on commissioned work, but given the very specific reference piece and direction, and the fact that you took the only good picture of me in 25 years (one that I still use to this day), I'd be honored to create this piece for a total of $2700 (plus tax)... And of course, delivery is free - as long as it includes hi-fi music and wine. :) 


50% deposit due upon engagement and prior to start of work - $1350 (plus tax)
50% final payment due upon delivery of completed artwork - $1350 (plus tax)

As part of this project, I will also create a custom private project website to enable us to track all progress on the commission.

Total time estimated to complete the artwork from the time of deposit is approximately 8 weeks. 

Payment of the deposit via the link below is indication of agreement to the scope, pricing, timing and payment schedule as outlined above. 

Pay Deposit and Initiate Commission

Don, I'm honored at the prospect of embarking on this project with you. Thank you!