Paula's Custom Order Page

$2,332.00 $2,000.00

This one-of-a-kind special order page is for Paula, and only Paula... So if you're not Paula - go away! Included in the wonderful packaged offering are:

Love Song original mixed media and resin on wood panel (reg. $1450)
Carried Away 40 in. x 30 in. signed and numbered limited edition (reg. $700)
One dozen assorted world famous donuts from Johnny Donuts (reg. priceless)

Now, this would normally run ya $2150 plus tax - so, $2332.75... 

But today, for Paula! - - Well now - - we're going to make ALL this happen (including the bloody donuts gosh sakes) - - for a nice round $2000. Oh, and did I mention free delivery of the art AND donuts... 

There ya have it folks... And it's 5pm too!