Custom Artwork for Arman Grigoryan (Overview and Deposit)


Artist John Kraft will create two custom 40 in. x 30 in. x 2in. mixed media and resin art pieces for Arman Grigoryan. The pieces will reference the style of John's Secret Gardens Collection but will be customized to integrate decorative letters of the Armenian alphabet (see reference photos). 

For each custom piece, the letters will be arranged on each of the two pieces in such a way as to spell the names of Arman's two brothers and their spouses.

Project Scope and Costs:

Two 40 in. x 30 in. x 2 in. Custom Pieces - $6000.00 (plus tax)
Minus 10% Collector Discount = $5400.00 (plus tax)
Domestic Shipping for Both pieces = $300

Payment Schedule: 

1. Deposit of 1/2 Artwork Costs = $2700 plus tax (due prior to the start of work)

2. Remaining 1/2 Artwork Cost and Shipping = $2700 plus tax + $300 (due when finished artwork is shipped).