CS - Image License and Label Design (deposit)


July 31, 2022

Rights-Managed Image Licensing Agreement and Label Design
Rob Toth (Crooked Street Winery) and John Kraft (Artist)

This agreement outlines terms for the limited, non-exclusive use of the image “Lombard Street”.  The agreement is between the licensor, artist John Kraft, and the licensee, Rob Toth. This agreement covers the use of the image for the following releases:

2017 Crooked Street Paso Robles Cabernet
2018 Crooked Street Synergie (Bordeaux Blend)
2019 Crooked Street Synergie (Bordeaux Blend)

Image: Lombard Street, Digital Capture of original Acrylic Painting on Wood Panel

+ United States
+ Non-Commercial
+ Print: Up to 350 Wine Labels per vintage
+ The fee referenced here does not include actual label production or shipping.

Licensing and Label Design Fee: $450.00 plus two cases of each release listed above.

If at some future date a decision is made to make use of this image for commercial promotion of Crooked Street wines or use of the image on commercially available bottles of wine, a new licensing agreement with revised terms will be negotiated between Rob Toth and John Kraft.\

Due prior to start of work: $225.00 (payable via this secure link)

Due upon delivery of final production-ready artwork: $225.00

Payment of this deposit indicates agreement to the terms of this document.