Last updated November 20, 2022


Another update here with the background layers completed on the larger panels. (quick note that I actually recorded this Friday but it was my birthday - so just posting now. :) 


Happy to share this latest update, which includes initial layers on the large panels and a preview for feedback of the "blades of grass" on the test panels. Thank you both!


Here is the latest, which includes a stronger layer of green on the middle panel as well as some added graphic elements across all three panels for reference. Thank you!


Thank you both for the latest feedback! The video below includes an update as well as a first glimpse at the custom Baltic birch panels.



Thank you for the recent feedback on the latest panel color tests. As a next step, and per your suggestion, I've created three images (below) that show the groupings of the textured red and textured aqua panels next to each of the three blue panels.

I confess to a preference for Option 1, which has the original light-blue violet background textured with a wash of cobalt blue. I say this because then all three pieces will have a degree of textured color, which will help tie together the full set. 

Let me know if you folks have a preference for either of the other two options. And as I mentioned in my last email, the construction of the custom Baltic birch panels has also been completed. :) Thank you!

PS: Also a quick reminder that per our original discussion, I still plan to have colored grass along the base of each panel - - and will actually use our final set of 3 test panels to give you a sense of how the grass will look in the final piece. This too will help tie the three pieces together. :)

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3


Hi Hannah & Patrick! It's time for another update. I cover the latest progress in the video and I welcome your feedback. Thank you!


Greetings! Below is a video update covering progress to date and previewing possible colors for the triptych backgrounds for your review. I've also included a photo below for a closer look, but the video has all the context and details. Thank you!

Detail reference photograph, please watch video for context. Thank you.

 Previous updates and project scope:


+ Project deposit received (Thank you!)
+ Creation of custom panels begins
+ Development of reference panels for background color begins


Artist John Kraft will engage with the Hurleys to create three original 24 in. x 32 in. x 2 in. mixed media and resin on wood original artworks. The triptych will be created in the style of John's Secret Gardens collection. Additional design details below.

Project Details and Scope

a. Based on John Kraft's original mixed media and resin artwork
b. Three custom-built 24 in. x 32 in. x 2 in. Baltic birch panels
c. Original mixed media and resin
d. Wired and ready to hang
e. Reference pieces include Wild Honey, Day in the Life, Mirage, Lips Like Sugar, and Comfortably Numb. Sold backgrounds are preferred, with nothing quite as strong as the background of Comfortably Numb. The nuanced background of Wild Honey is a possible element of the triptych as well as the various leaf shapes, round shapes, and other elements as represented in A Day in the Life. 
f. As part of the project scope, background colors for the final triptych will be developed and approved through the creation of three"color test" pieces measuring 4 in. x 6 in. 
g. All elements and placement on each of the three pieces will be reviewed and approved before final application, varnish and resin.
h. Regular photos and videos will be posted to this project site to provide an ongoing record of the progress of the commission project.


Pricing for the project as outlined above (waiving the standard 15% premium for commissions) is $5100. Packaging and shipping will be billed when shipped (at cost - no markup). 

Total (Artwork): $5100.00


50% deposit due upon engagement and prior to start of work - $2550.00
50% final payment due upon shipment of completed artwork - $2550.00*
*Shipping and packaging charges to be added to final invoice (at cost)

For three custom pieces of this size, total time estimated to complete and ship the artwork from the time of deposit is approximately 6 weeks, not to exceed 8 weeks. 

Payment of the deposit via this website is indication of agreement to the scope, pricing, timing and payment schedule as outlined on this webpage. 

View Secure Deposit Page

Apart from the details and technical aspects of this project noted above, I want to express my deep appreciation to both of you for your interest in having me create these custom pieces for your new home. I'm super excited to work with you on this. 

Thank you both!

Reference artwork:

Comfortably Numb

Lips Like Sugar


A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life by John Kraft (48 in. x 60 in.)

Wild Honey