Last Updated 8/17/18 - PM

+ Video update below:

Notes: This video shows the application of the first coat of varnish to the panel...As of this evening two full coats of varnish have been applied, and I'll be completing the final two coats over the weekend, after which I'll be ready to pour the final resin coating... It's really looking amazing!  Thank you!


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+ Video update below:

Notes: I have added accent color dots to the upper stems with the yellow flowers (pink dots) and to the yellow stems (white dots). I've left the two vertical stems under the "fox tails" without accents at this point because I believe they look strong without them and too many accents can lead to a less-clean look of the overall piece. Of course given this collaborative process, I'm happy to add accents (yellow or pink) if you'd like to go that route. :) 

As a side note, I will be in Tahoe starting tomorrow returning Thursday at which point I will begin the final process layers of varnish and epoxy resin. I also intend to film the actual resin-pour so you'll be able to see the final creme brûlée magic that happens to bring everything together.

Thank you, both!


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+ Video update below:


Previous 8/3/18 - PM

+ Applied first coat of pink to the custom made 26 in. x 36 in. x 2 in. baltic birch panel. 

+ Second coat to be applied today. 

Note: The blue that can be seen on the side of the panel is painter's tape.

Previous 7/24/18 - PM

Special Project Note - I will be exhibiting at the Bellevue Arts Museum Show in Washington State and out of town July 25 - August 1st. Creation of this custom artwork will resume upon my return with an estimated completion date of August 10th.

+ Custom Baltic Birch Panel Completed

+ Final Pink Selected as Noted Below:

Previous Update 7/22/18 - AM

+ Three Reference Panels (Consolidated View):

Previous Update 7/20/18 - PM

Created Second Reference Panel

Previous Update (7/20/18 - AM)

+ 50% Deposit Received (7/19/18)

+ Created First Reference Panel 

Previous Update (7/18/18)

+ Added revised composite showing solid pink background. I will also be creating a small sample piece to further dial in the color before creating the larger piece.

+ Added reference photo of Temptation to highlight the new piece will have four layers of varnish and top coat of resin. (This photo also shows the natural wood finish on the edges of these pieces.)  

Note: These digital composites are helpful in terms of initial direction, but I will be creating a small sample piece to help us collectively dial in the background color. The final resin coating is what really makes the piece come alive and pop, which is hard to convey in these digital reference photos.


Martin, I've created this private page for you to review the designs I've created. Given the dimensions of the space I suggest a vertically oriented painting. I have referenced the flower photographs you provided to create two slightly varied versions. One with a lighter pink background and one with a slightly darker pink. The vase on the commode is by Jonathan Adler.  The dimensions of the painting shown below is approximately 26 in. by 36 in. 

I welcome your feedback. We can work through a variety of variations and designs before locking on something, but as we have begun the design/commission process I'd also invite you to review the updated commission engagement page and let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to working with you on this project! 

Version 3 (Solid Pink Background)
26 in. x 36 in. x 2 in.
Resin and Side Reference Photo (Temptation)
Version 1 (Lighter Pink Background)
26 in. x 36 in. x 2 in. 
Version 2 (Darker Pink Background)
26 in. x 36 in. x 2 in.