Last updated June 2, 2021

Jimmy, welcome to your commission project site. 

This includes the original proposal below (updated with the final panel size of 42 in. x 30 in. x 2 in.) You can always visit this site to check on the latest status of the project. Status updates will include videos of progress and other detailed updates. 

Project Updates


Jimmy, as a wrap-up of the details/receipts below, here what we have:

Final 50% payment (Artwork) = $1500.00
FedEx Ground Shipping Charge = $282.02
Deluxe Art Shipping Container = $227.00
(I've included the cost of the shipping container but not the cost of getting the box shipped to me :))

Total: $2009.02, but let's call it an even $2000.

I don't have an expectation that you'll pay this until the artwork has arrived next Monday, but here is the link to the final payment page: View Here. Thank you!


Great news!!! Artwork shipped today via FedEx Ground for scheduled arrival on Monday, June 7, 2021. FedEx Tracking and Shipping Charge details below. Full wrap-up of final payment posted under 06-02-21 update.

FedEx Tracking:

FedEx Shipping Receipt:

Deluxe Art Shipping Box Receipt:


Prepared for Shipping. Planning to ship via FedEx after the Memorial Day Weekend.



Completed the resin pour and curing! Should be able to ship early this week. 


Completed four layers of UV protective varnish coating. Now ready for final resin pour.



Composition and stems completed! Next stage includes three coats of UV protective varnish and then a coat of the two-part resin... We're in the home stretch!



+ Dialed in position of mixed media elements and balance of overall composition
+ With your approval I will move forward with stems and varnish based on current layout


+ Panel color preparation completed
+ Floral patterns created and placed on panel including new design element
+ Next step includes locking floral composition, then applying patterns to panel, then adding the stems, the triple varnish and finally the poured resin


+ Created new floral swatch inspired by wallpaper in room. Color values can be adjusted as desired, cut into floral element and integrated into new custom piece. Current color sample for test/reference only.


+ Applied gloss medium sealant to back and front of custom panel
+ Applied multiple coats of background acrylic - Cadmium Red (Light Hue)


+ Live 1/1 phone conference to confirm design direction and other details


+ Custom baltic birch panel completed
+ Panel preparation and priming begins

Panel Front:

Panel Back:


+ New home/wall pattern reference shots provided
+ Carpenter creating custom panel
+ Shared the idea of incorporating elements of the wallpaper floral pattern into the design of the new piece


+ 50% deposit received. Revised selection of panel size to 42 in. x 30 in. x 2 in.
+ Custom panel order placed with my carpenter.
+ Home/room reference shots provided.


Jimmy! This is what happens when you ask an artist - who loves making things happen - to create a commission... :)

Yes, this is already your custom commission overview page. Basically, this outlines the proposed scope of the project, timeline and cost... We can and should definitely hook up live by phone or Zoom to go over any questions and discuss the process, but this is always a great first step.

In addition to the overview, this page is arranged so that if you agree with the scope as outlined you can use this secure site to execute the deposit. :)


Artist John Kraft will engage with Jimmy Stafford (Client) to create one custom 42 in. x 30 in. x 2 in. mixed media and resin on wood original artwork. The artwork will be created in the style and spirit of John's piece All You Need is Love


a. Based on John Kraft's original artwork, All You Need is Love
b. 42 in. x 30 in. x 2 in. custom built baltic birch panel
c. Original mixed media and resin
d. Wired and ready to hang


Current pricing for a commission of this size would be typically be $3910 (this includes the normal 15% commission markup)...The reference piece, All You Need is Love was sold many years ago and doesn't reflect current pricing for a piece of that size...But....wait....there's more...

But for this project... given we've known each other forever and are both navigating our 50s, I'm happy to create a custom piece for you for $3000 plus shipping. No taxes due as you're out of state. So this would translate into the following:

Total (Artwork): $3000.00
Packaging and Shipping - billed when shipped (at cost - no markup)


50% deposit due upon engagement and prior to start of work - $1500.00
50% final payment due upon shipment of completed artwork - $1500.00*
*Shipping and packaging charges to be added to final invoice (at cost)

A custom private project website will be created to enable you to track all progress. For a custom piece of this size, total time estimated to complete and ship the artwork from the time of deposit is approximately 6 weeks, not to exceed 8 weeks. 

Payment of the deposit via this website is indication of agreement to the scope, pricing, timing and payment schedule as outlined on this webpage. 

 View Secure Deposit Page

Jimmy, apart from the details and technical aspects of this project noted above, I want to express my deep appreciation for your interest in having me create a custom piece of artwork for your home. Super excited to work with you on this. Thank you!