This project page will be used to track the progress and review for the special commission for Jamie and Andy.  Below is a basic description of the commission as well as some additional notes from a discovery call held on 9/28/18.

Commission Overview:

Artist John Kraft will create a custom mixed media and resin on wood composition measuring 36 in. x 24 in. x 2 in..  The piece will be created in the style of John's Secret Gardens collection.  

The piece will include some of the flowers included in the reference piece Ocean Bloom (Sunflowers, California Poppies, Mustard Plant, Lombard Street Trees, Roses) and will feature a background color similar to that of Star Collector (Ultramarine Blue).

Additional Notes from Discovery Call 9/28/18:

The style of flowers and placement will be more consistent with the "arcs and circles" of Ocean Bloom vs. the symmetry and leaves found in Star Collector. Also, the application of the Ultramarine Blue background over the birch will be somewhat lighter than what appears on Star Collector so as to reveal even more of the birch wood grain. 


Last updated October 24, 2018

WE DID IT!!! :)

Very happy to report a perfect pour on your custom artwork. :) Below is a short video showing the final pour and the finished result. All that's left now is preparing the artwork for hanging and shipment. Let me know if you've come up with a name for your piece! :) I will send the invoice for the final payment along with the FedEx tracking number - the shipment will likely not go out until Saturday as I like to give the resin a chance to go through its full 72 hour cure. YAY!!!!  


Previous Updates

Over the past few days I have been adding the multiple coats of UV protective varnish. The final coat was applied this evening - shown in the video below. This means in two days time I'll be ready to apply the resin coating! I'll be sure to video tape the resin pour so you can see that final BIG step in completing your piece. :)


October 18, 2018

With your selection of the version with the peach flowers, I have moved forward with placement of the flowers and creation of the stems and other details. Next steps will include the application of multiple coats of UV protective varnish and then finally the pour of the final resin coating. :)

Photograph and video below for reference.

Note: Any slight discoloration you see on the flower patterns is from the few areas of varnish that were added to date - all this evens out as subsequent layers are applied. :) I think it looks great and really appreciate your feedback and guidance as we've developed this piece.


October 15, 2018

Based on your feedback I've created two new variations for your review. I've removed the "foxtail" shapes and replaced with new elements with a different pattern. I believe these options, in addition to removing the foxtail shape, also provide more space for the elements to breath. Welcome your feedback. :)

Variation One

Variation Two

October 14, 2018

Over the past few days I've been creating, cutting and placing the flower elements for your custom artwork. The video below shows the proposed elements and general arrangement. Typcially I would begin with the painted arcs and lines but when doing a commission I like to first share a general  placement of the elements to give you a chance to provide feedback before the unreversable arcs are created. :) I welcome any and all feedback. The arcs, lines and other details will mimc those of Ocean Bloom. 

October 11, 2018

Today, per your feedback, I applied a second coat of Ultramarine Blue to the panel. I'm really happy with this darker shade and it still really highlights the wood grain. I look forward to your feedback. I should mention that with the varnish and resin the finished piece will appear slightly darker than what you see in the photo below. No doubt this is a bit lighter than the reference piece, Start Collector, but I'd rather check in with you at each stage than go too dark. :)

Also, for fun I included a picture that shows the SF Heart I created in 2010. The collector asked me to do a bit of a refresh as it's been in front of their home for 8 years or so... :)  Take care! ~ John.

October 9, 2018

Today I applied the first wash of Ultramarine Blue. I wanted to pause after this layer and share the result with you before moving on with additional layers. During our call you both mentioned the idea of showing more of the grain of the wood - similar to Ocean Bloom. The video below will show you what a single wash looks like. The wood grain is very evident while still including the nice Ultramarine Blue. 

October 8, 2018

Received custom 36 in. x 24 in. x 2 in. baltic birch panel from my woodworker this morning. I've begun preparation of the surface and will begin applying the first coats of Ultramarine Blue tomorrow... Will be posting each layer for review so we can dial in the right amount of grain showing through... I've included photos of the front and back of the panel so you can see the grain and quality of construction as well... LOVE these panels. :) More soon, and thank you for your patience - I promoise that was the boring part waiting for the panels - now it gets good! :)

Front of Panel

Back of Panel

October 1, 2018

Custom birch panel measuring 36 in. x 24 in. x 2 in. has been ordered and it is anticipated it will be completed no later than Oct. 7th at which time application of the Ultramarine Blue background layers can begin. 

Questions or Comments?

Contact John directly at 415.717.9209 or