Hi, Joanna & John!

I've created this private page to document the refresh of your SF Heart, "Night & Day". I will plan to provide regular updates on my progress and will let you know when this page has been updated. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or comments. Thank you, both!

Last Updated November 10, 2018

The "Day" side of the heart has received the majority of my attention thus far, and it's been a delicate process to clear off past layers of urethane and prepare and repaint. The photographs below show the sky and sun "coming back to life". Still more coats of paint here needed and detail work on the boats/water... Then it will be time to focus on the night side of the heart. 

Previous Updates

October 22, 2018

Preparation of the heart surface continues. Below is a video of me using an oribital sander to create a smooth surface for repainting. This is especially needed on the top portion of the heart. 


Previous Updates

October 16, 2018

Initial clean up and sanding of the heart is underway. There were several areas where the paint has come away from the heart entirely. There were also two areas where there has been a failure of the outter shell. I'm patching these areas with a material suitable for outdoors and don't feel this will present a big issue in refreshing the heart. Reference photos below, and I'll continute to update this site.